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Principal's Welcome

Dear Leadership and Public Service Academy,

My name is Teresa Izquierdo and it is my honor to be your Principal. 

I am beyond excited to be the leader of the Leadership and Public Service Academy.  Throughout my life, I have been actively involved not only in volunteering in my community, but have also joined multiple decision making councils to improve schools and the community. 

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by outstanding leaders who have demonstrated the importance of leading with the heart. When leading with the heart, enthusiasm becomes contagious!  

Through instruction, discussion, guided participation, reflection, and hands-on projects we will connect with public leaders and students will experience a wider-view of their place in the world and discover how they can make a difference.  Our students need guidance into how to make thoughtful decisions that have real life results. 

Our students will have opportunities to be part of a leadership class, decision making councils, community outreach opportunities and connecting with important community leaders.  Project Based learning will be key to helping students apply the skills they learn into real world situations.

Our Student Government will have student representatives gain valuable leadership and organization skills by working with faculty advisors to give input on overall school progress, help organize school-wide projects and events, and disseminate information to their fellow students and community.

This vision requires that all of us work together to organize service events, lead student government meetings, provide opportunities for thoughtful discussions and to encourage our students to give back to the community.

I look forward to working with each of you in helping our students become our future leaders.  We got this! Teamwork!